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The clocks went back at the weekend and the evenings are going to be getting much darker much earlier but that doesn’t mean we all have to rush to bed early and stop having a social life, instead it’s the perfect opportunity to embrace the Danish concept of hygge (pronounced HU-GAH). Hygge doesn’t have an exact translation in English, broadly speaking it’s about making time for enjoyable things in a cosy environment. Think of a warm room with lots of candles, a comforting meal with good friends or family, reading a great book in front of the fire, sharing a nice bottle of red wine, or meeting in a cosy coffee shop for coffee and cake; it’s an opportunity to forget about your worries and focus on the happier things in life with the people you love to spend time with.

I’ve found some great bits to get you and your home hygge ready. A mug of Gløgg might help too, I found this recipe over on The Drink Blog.

750ml bottle of red wine
Rind of 1 orange
1 or 2 cinnamon sticks
75g raisins
70g blanched almonds
10 cardamom pods
5 cloves
85g honey
240ml port
240ml brandy

Put the wine, orange rind, cinnamon stick(s), raisins, almonds, cardamom pods, cloves and honey in a saucepan.
– Gently simmer for at least 30 minutes.
– When you’re ready to serve, add the port and brandy.
– Ladle into mugs and serve.