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This weekend is a bank holiday for us in the UK, usually this means an attempt at lighting the first barbecue of the year but currently we’re experiencing a bit of freak weather. In London this week I’ve been caught out (without an umbrella or suitable clothing) by snow on three occasions, it’s not been the sort that settles but it’s disturbing nonetheless, just as we are all starting to crave the sunshine.

With an extra day to relax this weekend, I plan to do it in style but instead of suggestions for pieces to buy for hanging out and relaxing in the garden, I’ve selected some cosy pieces for a lazy day inside. I also realised that lots of my lovely readers are not based in the northern hemisphere like me and may well be looking for items that are more suited to colder climes anyway. Hopefully this little lot will have you well prepared whichever hemisphere you happen to be in.

Lazy Day Style Shopping List

1. Colorful by Lotta Agaton & Pia Ulin | 2. Susanne Kaufmann Essential Bath Oil For The Senses, 250ml | 3. Susanne Kaufmann Moisturizing Mask, 50ml | 4. Bloomingville Ceramic Barbara Teapot | 5. Joseph Knot Sweatshirt in Cream | 6. Les 100 Ciels Natalia Cashmere Joggers in Grey | 7. Dinny Hall Lotus Petal Studs (Pair) | 8. Dinny Hall Lotus Double Petal Studs | 9. Urban Outfitters Violet Black Leather Mules