Net-a-Porter Sustainable Sale Edit

Some of the best products I’ve bought have been in the sales. I’ve found that the key is always to buy logically rather than emotionally. By that, I mean buying products that work with your wardrobe, ignoring seasonality and focusing on the bigger picture of what you will need throughout the year. Knowing your body shape, sticking to a safe colour palette that you already know works for you and buying products from brands that don’t skip on quality all help you to avoid making poor decisions.

I’ve always found Net-a-Porter to be a reliable website for well-made products. I believe that buying well made is the first step in building a sustainable wardrobe, since these products are more likely to last a long time and, therefore, reduces the need to frequently replace items. Since Net-a-Porter introduced their NET SUSTAIN edit I’ve found it much easier to find products on their website that work with my ethos for buying ethically and sustainably made products. I’ve taken a little time to go through their summer sale to create a twenty-piece edit of fairly accessibly-priced items.

The Sustainable Edit

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