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Norwegian natural hair care, organic skin care, perfume and body care.
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I don’t tend to judge beauty products by their packaging but it certainly makes them more appealing when you come across the sort of products you want to have on show in your bathroom. It was the minimal design of Sprekenhus’ products that initially caught my eye but when I delved deeper it turned out that the packaging was just the icing on the cake.

Sprekenhus is a Norwegian natural hair care, organic skin care, perfume and body care brand, founded by Alexander Sprekenhus. Like a lot of the best products, his came about after encountering a problem, he wanted to “gain control over my curly, frizzy hair”. With no background in the beauty industry Sprekenhus has learned a lot along the way and has developed some pretty affective products. The three I’ve been using do exactly what they promise to do, rare in an oversaturated industry where the packaging is so often the best thing about a product.

I’ve been using the Hair Styling Elixir after I wash my hair when it’s damp but not wet, before blow drying it, and then also as a finishing product. The Argan oil based elixir is quite viscous, a couple of drops is enough for my hair. It’s now much smoother and shinier, and honestly looks so much healthier.

In addition to the elixir, I’ve been using Sprekenhus’ Hydrating Mask, a once-a-week hair treatment. It’s really thick but a small amount spreads easily to coat all the hair strands. Leaving it on my hair for 5 minutes leaves it silky and tangle-free (although my hair is rarely knotty).

My hair has been in much better shape since using these two products and I wholeheartedly recommend them to you, especially if you have fine, dry, highlighted hair like mine.

As you are probably aware by now oils are my favourite type of hair and beauty products, and I feel like I’m becoming quite the connoiseur, well from a user perspective at least. When it comes to body oils I look for a product that is moisturising, quickly absorbed and has a nice scent. The Sprekenhus Body Oil is all of these, although for some the scent might be a little bit rich. I’ve only used it as a body moisturiser so far but it can also be used for massage and in the bath.

You can find out more about Sprekenhus here.

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