Plenish Juice Cleanse Diary

Trying my first juice cleanse with a three day cleanse from Plenish.
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This post was created in collaboration with Plenish.

In advance of my wedding I decided to try a juice cleanse. I didn’t take the decision lightly as I’ve always been wary that I might just be starving myself, and in the process slowing down my metabolism. Juices and cleanses have come a long way though, and when you’re drinking five juices and a nut milk each day starvation isn’t an option, trust me.

I often have problems with digestion and regularly suffer from bloating. I really wanted to give my digestive system a break from irritants so that on the day of the wedding I would feel more comfortable in my dress. I chose Plenish as they have a great reputation and have been recommended to me on many occasions. Their cold-pressed juices also taste much better than a lot I’ve tried.

I kept a diary each day so I could share my thoughts and experiences with you about their three-day Level 2 Cleanse.

Day 1

I woke up hungry on the first day of my cleanse, not a good sign when you know your day isn’t going to include any solid food (and mentally, that’s what makes me feel full up). I don’t usually have breakfast til 10.30am so I was relieved that the juices were delivered before then and I could get started straightaway. The juices arrive numbered 1-6 so that you know which order you should drink them in. Number 1 is called Lift, a mix of pear, cucumber, romaine, spinach, kale, basil and broccoli. It was not unpleasant and I was surprised to find that I didn’t feel hungry afterwards; I had expected to.

In addition to the cleanse I’ve been working out to the Spotebi exercises most mornings, to get toned before my wedding. This morning it was an arms & shoulders workout. I use the time between sets to catch-up on my emails.

Style&Minimalism | Beauty | Plenish Juice Cleanse 1 Lift

As I didn’t start my juices til 10.30am I found myself drinking the rest almost back-to-back throughout the day, finishing one and then reaching for another within the hour.

By 6pm I was a little bit irritable and not the best person to be around. Wedding pressures, a busy weekend and no solid food all day can do that do a girl. I decided it might be in everyone’s interest to have some fresh, homemade soup. I made it with just a few carrots, beetroot and a clean veggie stock.

Day 2

I started my second day with a cup of hot water and some thick slices of lemon, kindly made by my other-half. This combination early in the morning is great for kick-starting the digestive system and cleansing the liver, it’s also anti-bacterial and anti-viral, whilst tasting good.

My day of juices again started with Lift which I sipped slowly whilst also doing a legs workout from Spotebi. I try to mix-up my workouts so no one area feels over worked and I allow the muscles to rest and rebuild in-between.

Calm, juice number 2 of the day is my absolute favourite for taste; a mix of pineapple, apple, mint and aloe vera. It feels soothing and with a touch of sweetness it kept me going.

Style&Minimalism | Beauty | Plenish Juice Cleanse 2 Calm
Style&Minimalism | Beauty | Plenish Juice Cleanse 3 Boost

I’m quite surprised by Kick, juice number 4, it’s a bit spicy and did actually give me a kick. I was feeling a bit sleepy around 3pm when I drank it and realised that soon after I was running around the house tidying up, not my usual behaviour at this time of the day. I definitely think I’ve found a much healthier option to my usual tea or coffee.

Style&Minimalism | Beauty | Plenish Juice Cleanse 4 Kick

Day 3

I started the day with my usual hot water and lemon but took a break from exercise. It’s my last day of the three-day cleanse and I’m feeling pretty good, I’m looking forward to a proper meal but not as desperately as I thought I would.

I’m going to be running around town for a few meetings today, so it’ll be juice on the run for me. My bag is heavy with the three juices (2, 3 & 4) I’m going to need whilst I’m out.

I’m back home and it’s time for juice number 5, Fuel. It’s not my favourite for flavour as it tastes very green but green is good right!

Style&Minimalism | Beauty | Plenish Juice Cleanse 5 Fuel

Everyday I’ve been looking forward to number 6, Build, which is a nut milk rather than a juice. It’s thicker than the juices which makes it feel more substantial. I also quite like the taste, it’s not something for everyday but I’m certainly going to keep this one as a regular thing, maybe instead of dinner on days when I’ve had a big lunch.

Style&Minimalism | Beauty | Plenish Juice Cleanse 6 Build

With my three-day cleanse over I’m now on a mix of food and juices in smaller quantities. Back to my usual breakfast, porridge made with almond milk, agave syrup and blueberries. The oats are good for lowering cholesterol; almond milk is low in calories and dairy-free; agave syrup has a low glycemic index which means it doesn’t give you a sudden rush of sugar; and blueberries contain anti-oxidants.

I’m going to be watching what I eat from now until the wedding, so as not to undo all the good my cleanse has done. I was wary when I started but I’m not any more, I will definitely be taking part in another Plenish juice cleanse soon.