COS have once again got together with creative duo Lernert & Sander, this time for their Christmas party campaign. But of course being COS this is not your average campaign film. Six furniture designers (Mette Hay, Seungji Mun, Tino Seubert, Philippe Malouin, Lucy Kurrein and Marjan van Aubel) play a game of musical chairs – the game every child played at one birthday party or another when they were growing up, whilst the music played one chair was removed and when the music stopped you had to find a seat but one sad child would walk away without one. Is it me or is there something a little bit sadistic about watching grown adults play this game? Maybe it’s actually a bit sadistic watching kids play this game? Anyway, it makes for a great campaign film.

Each of the designers wore a piece from the COS party collection, proving that black and grey are both perfectly acceptable during the festive period. There are also shimmering metallics and midnight blues in the collection for those more adventurous.