Christian Watson Furniture

Discover the clean, contemporary furniture of British designer Christian Watson.
Christian Watson BENDON

British furniture designer Christian Watson has been honing his trade for many years but it was only recently that he made the decision to launch his eponymous brand.

Christian spent two years studying under Marc Fish at Robinson House Studio in Sussex, there he learnt traditional furniture making with timber and veneer. Today, his carefully considered, stripped-back, contemporary style is dominated by the use of metal, its strength giving his pieces their simple elegance. I believe it’s his love of materials that has pushed him on and led him to create such contrasting pieces today. He still spends a lot of time researching, experimenting and playing with new materials. His current style is clearly defined but I can’t help but wonder what he will do in the future and whether it will have a direct connection to his style today or whether it will evolve once more.

Christian can draw a clear line between his work at Robinson House and his work today. Whilst at Robinson House Studio he “was taught that the relentless pursuit of perfection must be applied to the entire furniture-making process, from sourcing the highest-quality materials, to working with highly-skilled craftsmen. It is this holistic approach to design that defines the studio today”. He is meticulous in his research, almost to the point of obsession.

The Signature Collection combines powder-coated metal with sustainable Portuguese cork, vegetable tanned leather, British wool or glass. The pieces are handmade locally by talented craftsmen and women, everything is made in Britain (they are proud members of Made In Britain), keeping their company’s carbon footprint low and allowing each design to be made to order. The aim is that everything be made to last, developing its own patina with age that simply adds to its beauty. In those rare cases when an accident does occur, they will repair or replace the affected part.

The designs within the Signature Collection work beautifully together, with a cohesive design language. However, the strength of their individual designs allows them to comfortably sit independently or alongside furniture by other designers.

Alongside the Signature Collection is a tailored service which allows you to make alterations to the size, material and/or colour of a piece. This is done in a way that maintains the integrity of each design but allows you to fit them into your home seamlessly.

For those with an idea for a unique piece or a unique space, there’s a bespoke service. Christian is full of surprises and, in the short time that I’ve known him, I’ve found that our conversations are often unpredictable and inspiring. I can only imagine what a joy it is to work with him.

For further information, please visit christian-watson.com.