New Season Bedroom Accessories

Homewares to freshen up your bedroom this spring.
Bedroom Essentials Shopping List

Spring is only a few weeks away and I’m looking forward to the longer days; for me more daylight means more shooting time and not worrying if I’ve missed the only good light of the day. As we’re coming out of winter I feel like it’s a good time to freshen things up in the house.

bedroom decor ideas

1. The White Company Bourton Collection Cushion | 2. The White Company Bourton Collection Quilt | 3. Frama Shelf | 4. West Elm Souk Wool Rug | 5. HAY Medium Gym Hook | 6. ferm LIVING Collect Pendant Lamp | 7. Byredo Cotton Poplin Candle | 8. Folio Society Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov | 9. MENU x JWDA Concrete Lamp | 10. Holly’s House Light Grey Plant Pot Large | 11. House Doctor Black & White Stripe Laundry Bag

I’ve been thinking more and more about how we use our bedroom and the kind of mood I want to inspire. Above all else it’s where we sleep so the bed, bed linen, pillows and duvet need to work hard. I think textiles are key when it comes to creating a comfortable and relaxed space. The White Company are one of my favourite brands for bed linen, the quality is exceptional and although not cheap I think their products are good value. I’ve been on the lookout for a great quilt for a little while and their new Bourton Collection has a gorgeous grey one that has matching cushion covers. It’s grey herringbone on one side and a stripe chambray on the other, so when I fancy a change I can flip it over.

I’m starting to experiment with lighting, we have downlights in most rooms but I think we’re missing a trick and could do with a few lamps here and there. I’ve seen a lot of great designs out there that don’t seem too expensive, especially for something that makes such a big difference to the mood of a room. Scandinavian designers are particularly good with lighting; maybe as daylight (or lack of it) has such a big impact on them. MENU and ferm LIVING are two brilliant Danish brands that not only make great lamps but lots other great homeware products, too. I’ve picked out a couple of my favourites above.

Like many of my Instagram buddies I’ve become quite obsessed with Beni Ourain rugs. They’re traditional Moroccan rugs woven from undyed natural wool by the Beni Ourain people from the Rif Mountains. Modernist architects, Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright were also known to like them. Like those guys, I’m a fan of order but I love the imperfect nature of their patterns. The thick pile is perfect for rubbing your toes in as you get out of bed. With their current popularity there are so many great Beni Ourain style rugs available online, I particularly love this one from West Elm. It’s not a traditional Moroccan rug but was made in New Delhi as part of the Craftmark initiative, “which helps denote genuine Indian handicrafts, develop sector-wide minimum standards and norms for labeling a product as a handicrafts product“. If you’re looking for a genuine Moroccan rug, India May Home have some coming soon.

One of the other things I like to do in bed is read a good book. I read a lot, I have a book on the go constantly. Usually I buy three or four at a time which I keep beside the bed. I’m planning to put up a new shelf in our bedroom to keep them on so I can keep my bedside table clear. I’m undecided about the style and size of the shelf at the moment as I’ve yet to decide where to hang it but I love the simplicity of this one by Frama. And being a book lover, the recent discovery of Folio Society has got me all excited, their beautifully bound editions are keepers.