The Home of The Owners of Artilleriet, Sweden

Every now and again I come across a house that's been so beautifully designed that I want to move immediately.
Home of Artilleriet's Owners Christian & Bjorn
Minimalist bathroom with fig tree | Home of Artilleriet's Owners
Wooden stool in black tiled shower | Home of Artilleriet's Owners
Paper lamp
Pale Grey Sofa
Wooden kitchen table | Home of Artilleriet's Owners
Wooden kitchen table
Kitchen details
White tiled kitchen with black stove | Home of Artilleriet's Owners
Sage green walls and staircase with wooden floors | Home of Artilleriet's Owners
Artilleriet's owners in their kitchen
Standalone Swedish fireplace
Wooden dining table and chairs | Home of Artilleriet's Owners
Glass globes and white glass lamp | Home of Artilleriet's Owners
Table top details
Indoor plants, display table and large mirror
Minimalist living room | Home of Artilleriet's Owners
Minimalist living room | Home of Artilleriet's Owners
Bedroom with grey linen, bent wood armchair, black wall lamps
Home office
Wall hooks, artwork & wooden bench | Home of Artilleriet's Owners
Walk-in wardrobe, dressing room | Home of Artilleriet's Owners

Every now and again I come across a house that’s been so beautifully designed that I want to move in immediately; this is definitely one of them. Unfortunately, it’s in Sweden and is already inhabited by the owners of Artilleriet, Christian and Bjorn. Artilleriet is an incredibly well curated homeware website with two shops in Gothenburg. Like their shops, their home is an eclectic mix of classic design, both old and new, blended to create a warm, welcoming space. It’s exactly how I see my own home in years to come. The palette is neutral which I’ve found really helps when it comes to combining old and new design. Everything seems to have its place but it doesn’t feel so contrived that if you pick something up you’ll disrupt the whole look; it’s all very liveable.

Although we don’t have nearly as much space as these guys there are a lot of similarities between their house and ours. They’re both old buildings which have been lovingly taken care of and we have a lot of similar pieces of furniture and decorative homewares. I wish we had their bathroom though, how incredible is the wooden sink stand that looks like it was once a regular sideboard? We don’t have such a large collection of chopping boards but we’re definitely headed that way. And that bowl on their dining room table looks remarkably like our fruit bowl. There are lots of things that I could point out but I’m sure in time you’ll be able to spot things as I share more of my home. If, one day, our home looks like this I’ll be very happy.

Styling by Lotta Agaton