The First 3 Months of Pregnancy

Yes, we're having a baby! Eek!
Baukjen Cargo Jacket, Vintage Levis, Adidas Gazelles, Great Plains Stripe T-shirt, & PB 0110 Bag
Baukjen Cargo Jacket, Vintage Levis, Adidas Gazelles, Great Plains Stripe T-shirt, & PB 0110 Bag

Baukjen Cargo Jacket, Vintage Levis, Adidas Gazelles, Great Plains Stripe T-shirt, & PB 0110 Bag
Baukjen Cargo Jacket, Vintage Levis, Adidas Gazelles, Great Plains Stripe T-shirt, & PB 0110 Bag
Baukjen Rhian Cargo Jacket* | Great Plains Take A Break Jersey T-Shirt* | Levi’s (Vintage) 501 Jeans | Adidas Original MI Gazelle Trainers in Black | PB 0110 AB 52 Shoulder Bag in Black*

I’m sure it hasn’t gone unnoticed that things have quietened down here on my blog, as well as over on my Instagram. The reason for this is that I’m currently growing a little person. The bump is six and a half months along now. We’re both really excited but it’s mad to think about how different our lives will be in three and a half months. (My maths isn’t off btw, most pregnancies last 40 weeks!! Thanks Pandora for breaking that one to me.) For me there have already been some big changes, some expected, others not so much. For the time-being I’m going to share a little of what the first three months were like.

The only sign that something was going on with my body during the first month was that my boobs started to feel particularly tender. I wasn’t sick once (phew) and found out fairly early on that I was pregnant. I kept my head down and carried on pretty much as normal – minus the alcohol, rare meat, sushi, etc..

The second month I started to feel really, really tired around 2pm everyday. This is the time of day that I’d have usually had a coffee pre-pregnancy but I’ve decided to avoid coffee whilst pregnant as it has so much caffeine in and it’s recommended you reduce your intake. To compensate I got into a bad habit of picking up something sweet to keep me going.

Not drinking over Christmas was a big tip-off to friends and family but we weren’t prepared to tell anyone until we were past the 12 week mark. I experienced a lot of anxiety about losing the baby early on. There wasn’t a specific reason for this, I just found it disconcerting not being able feel or see anything that was going on. Apart from taking another pregnancy test there’s no confirmation from anyone until your 12 week scan that everything is as it should be. The worst thing was that some of my friends started asking me if I was pregnant and I hated being forced to lie to them. (If you suspect your friend is pregnant please wait for them to tell you, don’t ask.)

By the third month I felt huge (little did I know what was to come) and as though everyone could tell I was pregnant. I was even more tired than before and my IBS was going into overdrive with anything and everything I ate. I felt like a balloon long before I thought I should and my regular clothes stopped fitting me super early. This is one reason my personal style posts dried up, almost immediately. The other is that I had zero energy for the first few months. I’ve been incredibly lucky not to have been sick at all but the exhaustion meant that I barely left the house and when I did it knocked me for six. If you’re in a similar situation I would recommend Floridix, it’s an iron supplement that has definitely helped me, that and afternoon naps.

I’ve had to make quite a few adjustments. Initially, I found going into town quite stressful, especially since it was during rush hour. I now only go in once a week if necessary, and never during rush hour.

I’ve found Anneli Bush’s accounts of pregnancy and beyond really helpful, as well as Alex Stedman‘s (congratulations to both of them). Having a couple of people share their experiences a little ahead has kept me calm, as well as giving me some style tips. I didn’t want to change my style because of my pregnancy. It’s been a bit of challenge, especially given I live in jeans at least 50% of the time. Alex Eagle (currently in her second pregnancy) gave me some great advice. She suggested buying some large vintage men’s shirts (and getting them personalised by Hand & Lock, so they feel a bit special) and investing in a really good pair of leggings from Live The Process (now stocked at Alex Eagle Studio).

My first move was to convert a pair of vintage 501s, swapping the front pockets for big wide strips of elastic (as seen above). I also bought a few men’s long sleeve t-shirts in black and white. That covered the basics for a little while. Going for a size up in tops and dresses during the first few months has made it possible for me to stick with the brands I usually wear.